Licensure Options There are two types of Professional Educator Licenses issued in North Carolina: 109 Speight Building College of Education East Carolina University Greenville, NC … Our North Carolina resource on understanding licensure makes it easy. NC Pre-K Contractors, Program Contacts, and Site Administrators are advised to use the NC Pre-K Lead Teacher Education Qualifications Chart below as an initial guidance tool in determining eligibility for prospective and returning NC Pre-K Lead Teachers in non-public sites. For more information about Alternative Licensure, please contact: Office of Alternative Licensure 109 Speight Building College of Education East Carolina University Greenville, NC 27858 252-328-2700 Fax: 252-737-2998 Validation. KEY TO NORTH CAROLINA LICENSURE AREAS & ... innovative/experiential alternative licensure programs for lateral entry teachers effective July 2008. Once in, Click on … Teacher certification or licensure—different regional names for the same thing—refer to the qualification program you need to go through in order to teach. The Licensure Office maintains data for national, state and local agencies unique to the Teacher Education Program. Duke students may seek licensure in one of four areas: English, Math, Social Studies or Science, depending on their major. Financial aid is available to students in the teacher licensure program in the form of federal student loans. Certified Employees can check their record of Continuing Education Units (CEUs) at the following link (you must be within the BCS computer network and using a desktop computer and Internet Explorer only to access this link. Curriculum and Instruction, concentration in Curriculum Development & Supervision (K-12) Curriculum and Instruction, concentration in Digital Learning and Teaching (K-12) The University of Mount Olive offers two options for students interested in earning teaching licensure. Services are provided according to NC State Board of Education policy and NC Department of Public Instruction licensure requirements. First Undergraduate Degree. For more information about the approved areas of licensure, please see “What are the approved areas of licensure for Teaching Fellows… Previously This office also completes programs of study in specific licensure areas for post baccalaurete students seeking licensure. ... An expert Program Advisor will be in touch to discuss your personalized path to licensure. Prospective students who follow a residency pathway are individuals currently employed as a teacher of record in a NC public or NC public charter school who have met the minimum of 24 hours in the content they are teaching or passed NC State Board of Education Licensure Area Exam(s) and must affiliate with an Educator Preparation Provider (EPP). Highly Qualified (HQ) status indicators, pursuant to PL107-110 ... - Highly Qualified based on NC HOUSSE standard . Students* who are not employed as a teacher by a public school, but have earned at least a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college/university (see Regional Accredition at the bottom of this page) may enroll as post-baccalaureate licensure-only candidates to earn a Professional Educators License before beginning a teaching career. L - Lateral entry license. Eligibility. Learn more with North Carolina Teachers. Start your teaching career and earn your North Carolina teacher license online with North Carolina Teachers of Tomorrow state-approved teacher training. Reinstatement of an expired IPL or CPL NC License can only be requested by a hiring school system. Licensure completion may be through a NC university approved teacher education program or DPI may outline the specific requirements. In order to obtain a North Carolina state teacher certification, all applicants must complete and pass the appropriate Praxis exams required for initial licensure. K - Issued for 2005-06 to teachers displaced due to Hurricane Katrina. Effective July 1, 1998, if 50% or more of a class qualifies as an exceptional area, the teacher must be licensed in that area. Issued to individuals who have not completed an approved teacher education program. States all have their own unique requirements for teacher licensure, but most have reciprocity agreements to allow currently licensed teachers to transfer their teaching credentials to a new state. Read more about high-needs and critical shortage areas for teachers, and the perks that come with teaching in these crucial areas. Once you decide which subject, specialty and grade level are for you, the next steps just fall into place. (e) Provisional licenses are issued only on the request of the employing LEA. Some competencies on your plan must be taken at a four-year university that has an approved teacher education program, while others can be met through the community college. Q - Teach for America alternative licensure program for lateral entry teachers effective May 2010. Program Areas that Lead to “M” Level Licensure at NC State Teacher Education and Learning Sciences. NC teaching license online teacher training was designed to ensure you are fully prepared for your own classroom. Admissions requirements for the ILP include: Employed as a Lateral Entry (provisional license) teacher in a NC public school system; A bachelor's degree in business, marketing, business or marketing education, or related area from an accredited college or university; Heads Up: Most licensure areas require specific tests. 81 Teachers may have to meet some additional state requirements in order to get their teaching license moved to another state, but for most states transferring teacher licensure is fairly straightforward. The NC Pre-K Program's EESLPD office manages all aspects of teacher licensure for early education lead teachers who work in nonpublic schools. If you completed your teacher education in a foreign country, your transcript must be evaluated for U.S. equivalency by an international education evaluation service, which will send the report to the NC Department of Public Instruction. All other licensure areas that the RALC evaluates have a two-page plan of study. North Carolina only maintains one alternative pathway to licensure, Lateral Entry, which is described below. Admission to the Teacher Education Program; Residency Licensure; NC State Licensure Examination Requirement The centers evaluate provisionally licensed teachers’ applications, prescribe courses of study, and outline other requirements needed in order to receive full professional educators’ licenses. Students who are earning a Bachelor's degree can also earn licensure in the areas on the chart above while earning their Bachelor's degree if they meet Teacher Education Program Admissions requirements and are formally admitted to the Teacher education Program in a … The Secondary Teacher Preparation Program earns undergraduates a North Carolina teaching license for grades 9 through 12, and a Minor in Education from Duke. ... Texas Teachers Certification Areas. These tests are important components of North Carolina’s licensure and certification process and include: Praxis ® Core Academic Skills for Educators (Core) — comprehensive assessments that measure the skills and content knowledge of candidates entering teacher … It lists the required content courses, the required NC TEACH courses, the Praxis II exam, and the edTPA. More about the 9-12 Teacher License Description: The AIG licensure program is for licensed teachers who want to add the AIG licensure area to an existing license.The AIG add-on certification is composed of 4 courses: 1 offered in the Spring, 2 offered during the Summer, and 1 offered during Fall semester. If the word “requirement” scares you, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Tests Required for Specific Licensure Areas Elementary Education The North Carolina Board of Education passed an adjustment to policy LICN-003, which allows the use of the Elementary Education: Content Knowledge for Teaching Mathematics CKT test as an option to meet the mathematics requirement for the Elementary Education (K-6) license effective April 6, 2019. Each concentration in the Graduate Certificate in Teaching is associated with a specific licensure area. License completion required within 3 school years including Praxis II test for specific areas. What’s teacher licensure? This license is now reciprocal with all 50 states. CEUs / NC Licensure. Form IS -K January 2017 . Documentation of licensure in another teaching area or of admission to the Teacher Education Program seeking licensure in another area; Transcripts for previous degrees or degree in progress. Programs that are marked with a plus sign (+) require a relevant major, background coursework, or licensure exams prior to admission.Programs marked with an asterisk (*) are open only to educators currently working as full-time teachers of record. Review the NC Department of Public Instruction’s testing requirements on their FAQ page to get a leg up on which assessments are required for the subject area you wish to teach. NC LICENSURE UPDATE - March 8, 2019. Texas Teachers currently offers 50+ certification areas: Highly Qualified (HQ) status indicators, ... 87 - Highly Qualified based on NC licensing test(s) Licensure Areas Offered: An NC TEACH Plan of Study is a list of courses that need to be completed in order to be recommended for licensure. All applicants, regardless of area of certification, must pass all three Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators (CORE) tests as well as all content tests required for their certification area(s). For more information about Alternative Licensure, please contact: Texas Teachers currently offers 50+ certification areas: Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources 6–12 (272) There are four Regional Assistance Licensing Centers (RALCs) in North Carolina, created by the NC State Board of Education and the Department of Public Instruction. At the request of an employing NC school system, salary may be authorized at the graduate level when the teaching assignment for the majority of the day (50%) is in the area to which the graduate degree applies. Note: Teachers licensed through the CTE Provisional Route are issued a restricted license and are limited to employment in the specific area of license and are not eligible to add licensure areas based on Praxis II or 24 semester hours of course work unless otherwise permitted by policy. For licensure only in secondary or K-12 licensure areas, if the first degree is not in English, history, Spanish or French, the additional coursework may be extensive. Courses must be taken to satisfy empty cells on your plan of study. Salary can be authorized at the graduate level only when the teacher's assignment for the majority of the day (fifty percent or more) is in the area to which the graduate degree applies. Candidates must also complete an approved teacher preparation program as part of the lateral entry process. KEY TO NORTH CAROLINA LICENSURE AREAS & ... innovative/experiential alternative licensure programs for lateral entry teachers effective July 2008. Licensure — Only Student. This program may lead to Professional Licensure. NC Pre-K Contractors should use this chart prior to teacher placement in the NC Pre-K Plan database. We use your undergraduate transcripts to fill in the content courses when you apply to the program. Adding middle grades subject areas A teacher who holds a secondary grade (9-12) license in one of the core To be eligible for a provisional license, the individual must be assigned in the license area . Only those willing to teach in an approved STEM or Special Education area are eligible to apply and be considered for a Teaching Fellows award. A teacher who holds a middle grades license in one of the core subject areas (Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, or Social Studies) can fill assignments in grades 6, 7, 8, and 9 in the subject area of the license. To earn your teaching certificate, you'll complete coursework and testing and then apply to the state education agency … ... Texas Teachers Certification Areas. Alternative teacher preparation programs typically lead to a post-graduate certificate but may also lead to a master’s degree.

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