Cthulu eldritch horror featured hobby How to Paint Everything Painting, ©  2020 Goonhammer. Anu (Raesokera Supplement) Ararora. Eldritch Gods. In case you are unaware, Eldritch Horror is cooperative adventure that has you solve mysteries to stop an unknown Elder God. 4", 633rd letter, April 2, 1933, Though not officially related as a Great Old One, this entity is introduced by. He is the most powerful entity, according to Lovecraft, closely followed by his grandson Yog-Sothoth, and is the creator and ruler of the Outer Gods. The open sores and torn flesh revealing… insides… was done almost entirely by crafting a smooth greenstuff lump and then using the PVA + Super Glue trick. Four Factions – Align yourself with one of the three Witch God cults and face off against Eldritch Horrors serving a forgotten power. If that isn't how it works in your world, maybe mankind could convince one god to kill all the others, or elevate one human to godhood, or even find a way to break the link between heaven and earth, removing all divine control on humanity. The old gods, Ctulhu and the eldritch terrors. The Witch Gods are three deities who reside in the Eldritch Realm. Appears as a gigantic reptilian humanoid with two facing. It has no shape, but manifests as haunting music. Now, I highly recommend everyone to not work with the eldritch gods unless they are completely certain of what they are doing and have a god to help direct them to a safe eldritch deity to work with. I then applied a couple solid layers of Ushabti Bone to the raised folds and details. At the end of Lovecraft's last story "The Haunter of the Dark", the protagonist Robert Blake calls on Yog-Sothoth to save him from the eponymous malign entity which he has let loose. I think just covered the damn think in Vallejo Effects (Old Blood, Fresh Blood and Vomit) as well as citadel’s blood for the Blood God. The following is another Elder God with no description: Walter C. DeBill, Jr.'s Paighon, an extra-galactic entity which now dwells in Earth's core, said to be inimical to the Outer God Ngyr-Korath and his servitor 'Ymnar. In the opening cinematic, it is shown that Aldrich has become an expansive sludge of maggoty black rotten flesh and humanity dregs, filled with both his own bones and the bones of those he consumed.By the time the player reaches him, he will be inert and spread across the floor, using the weapons and malformed body of Gwyndolin to interact and attack. Summon the old gods with this free eldritch clicking game. Tulzscha appears as a blazing green ball of flame, dancing with its Lesser Outer Gods at the court of Azathoth. To "please" this deity could bring knowledge of many things. Designed by Jékksyn Orilyn Ícaro. She is a servant of. A creation of Brian Lumley, Kthanid is a sibling of Cthulhu. It is one of the Larvae of the Other Gods and has no cult, although served by zombie slaves. Kenneth Hite's "Trail of Cthulhu" RPG material lists her as a Great Old One, and relates her to the Moon-beasts. If the Eldritch Tales were the first Lovecraft book you picked up, you may have ended up really disappointed. It cannot move from where it emerges. History Talk (4) This category consists of beings whose raison d'être and/or appearance, the human mind cannot even begin to comprehend. The Eldritch Gods. Fictional deities in H. P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos, "Great Old Ones" redirects here. 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. I primed the Cthonian in Wraithbone spray, as the first painting step I took was a quick application of Skeleton Horde contrast. In his house at R'lyeh, dead Cthulhu waits dreaming. Pelgrane Press, Regarded as Great Old One in Daniel Harms's, This entity is introduced in RPG scenario "Les Yeux d'Amon" available at, This entity is introduced as a Great Old One in, Scott D. Aniolowski, "Mysterious Manuscripts" in, Coinchenn features in Abraham Martinez's "Coinchenn" featuring in Lovecraftian comics, Crom Cruach is mentioned several times in, As in James Ambuehl's short poem "Dythalla", featured in, This entity is introduced without a name in, He is first mentioned in Dawid Lewis' short novel "Etepsed Egnis" and cited again in. Although intelligent, it speaks no known language and ignores attempts to communicate. Lu-Kthu (Birth-womb of the Great Old Ones or Lew-Kthew) is a titanic, planet-sized mass of entrails and internal organs. Though one of my cousins does reach her mind-rending tendrils past the fragile membrane of … When one thinks upon Lovecraftian horrors, one inevitably thinks of tentacled otherworldly creatures. This is our comprehensive guide to the best Eldritch Expansions. A lack of order. An illusion-making entity with no true form. He normally dwells alone within an unnamed dimension beyond time and space, unless disturbed or summoned away. Classes A quick look at what classes are in your world and how they each fit in. This Mythos entity is somewhat inspired by C. L. Moore's Shambleau, the illusionary Martian she-vampires of lust. His true form is unknown, but usually manifests either as a polypous, ravenous floating mass endowed with tentacles, drills, and suckers, or more frequently, as the. There is some affinity with the Great Old One Hastur.[84]. In Anders Fager's short story "Grandmother's Journey" a tribe of dog or wolf-like humans (analog to the "ghouls" of the Lovecraftian mythos) is said to have sacrificed to Yog-Sothoth to become "different". Category page. A rolling cloud of ebony darkness or a vortex of boreal cold, revered by, A three-eyed, octopoid, and parasitic horror trapped inside a. Worshiped in ancient Lemuria. A starfish-like horror spawned by the Outer God. A Lesser Outer God composed of slime, tentacles, eyes, and mouths. A sense of power, malignancy, and intelligence accompanies it and persons able to gaze at its form long enough can see a rudimentary face or faces within the glowing mass. [83] Olkoth may emerge in our dimension through an eyeless, grotesque statue of the Virgin Mary. Nodens) whereas the "Elder Gods" are a later creation of other prolific writers such as August Derleth, who was credited with formalizing the Cthulhu Mythos. That being said, Phyrex is good and not nice. Another Brian Lumley deity. He described them all as being horrifyingly ugly and all but not many outside of the Outer Gods were inherently beyond comprehending. With Halloween behind us approaching, we’ve looking at how to paint the spookiest monsters around. A ravenous plant-god who arrived from Xiclotl to Earth, awed by the. It really is a "miscellany" of his stories, the leftovers that aren't to be neglected but aren't as good as the ones in Necronomicon. The most recognized eldritch, Lovecraftian monstrosity is Cthulhu, an immensely powerful cosmic being with octopus and dragon characteristics. A vampiric vaporous entity which adsorbs vital forces. Called to our world, it assumes a gaseous form, penetrates the planet to the core, then erupts from below as a pillar of flame. And I maintain that Mantorok is a good example of a good one. The reptilian burrowing folk, the Rhygntu, are known to worship this malignant deity. Comments; Shares (Image credit: Studio Black Flag) So clutch your Necronomicon close and journey with us as we talk about how to paint Eldritch horrors. He spawned by fission the Great Old One (or the avatar of his) ‘Ymnar, and his nemesis is the Elder God Paighon. Equipment Various gear, goods, equipment and magical items available to characters. The base game is great, but it can be made better. He coincides with the entity known as the Magnum Tenebrosum. A titanic raptorial fiend with a huge, single eye and a crown of tentacles. A gigantic mysterious entity whose cult is perhaps coincident with that of Egyptian God. Cthulhu Mythos supernatural characters § Mlandoth and Mril Thorion, http://www.tentacules.net/index.php?id=5181, http://www.oocities.org/area51/rampart/4059/jamb03.html, https://petersengames.com/product/independent-great-old-one-pack-3-preorder/, http://www.tentacules.net/toc/toc/tocyclo_fiche.php?type=crea&id=402, http://fanac.org/fanzines/ScientiComics/ScientiComics2-05.html, http://www.tentacules.net/toc/toc_/scen/full_de.pdf.zip, http://www.tentacules.net/index.php?id=5046, Selected Letters of H. P. Lovecraft IV (1932–1934), Facts Concerning the Late Arthur Jermyn and His Family, H. P. Lovecraft: Against the World, Against Life, Lovecraft: A Look Behind the Cthulhu Mythos, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Cthulhu_Mythos_deities&oldid=995122323, Articles with dead external links from August 2017, Articles with permanently dead external links, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles with unsourced statements from November 2017, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, A grey festering blob of infinite malevolence, described as the lesser brother of. He has affinities with the star vampires, and is rumored to have been one of mad emperor Caligula's eldritch sponsors as well. I made this little warband as a group of possessed for Mordheim, and then added a few more big lads to flesh them out for other skirmish games. Mormo is informally introduced in H. P. Lovecraft's "Horror at Red Hook". Add a complimenting color to the tentacles. Each pustule bears the larva of a Great Old One. A bluish-brown, slimy monstrosity riddled with holes, and an occasional malformed head. Some authors state that the favor of the god requires a human sacrifice or eternal servitude. The base model for this was a Crypt Horror, which is also the case for his brother Dumbo: Dumbo was even simpler. Nevert… Anri of Astora can summon the player for assistance with this boss fight. Appears as a great tentacled eye similar to, A maddening, twisted-minded, alien entity appearing as a feminine figure in a red cloak, with three eyes, and an utterly alien face. Edit. Scopri God Is Enthroned di Bishop Eldridge su Amazon Music. It appears as a formless spinning hurricane-like thing with strings of violet and golden colors across its shape, constantly emitting sickening smacking and screeching noises while showing pain-stricken faces across its body. But here are some good recommendations. Email. a monstrous, amorphous, whirling entity living within a wandering, A formless expansive bluish-black mass, haunting both the Ecuadorian and Peruvian coasts, mentioned in. A monstrous, brown, leathery, alien entity native to a mysterious planet, currently slumbering within a gigantic mausoleum lost in the desert-wastes, set to guard a priceless treasure made up of the oldest decayed planets. The names are heavily influenced by Roman, Greek and Norse gods, but plenty of names should fit other cultures as well. Crispin Burnham "People of the Monolith: Stone of Death" (1997). They’re giant, horribly dangerous, and make for a perfect nameless enemy. A three-eyed, gilled, proboscidian monster with a globular torso, six, long sinuous limbs ending in black paws, with. Walter C. DeBill, Jr.'s "What Lurks Among the Dunes" (2006), Black Sutra, p. 39. While Lovecraft did not himself create the Cthonian–Brian Lumley created them some 30+ years after his death–these rather loathsome things have been a staple of eldritch horror stories and games for a long time. View entire discussion ( 13 comments) More posts from the worldbuilding community. But you might be surprised at how easy some of these effects were to pull off . The monsters in these works do not take humanoid forms but instead inhabit a variety of shapes, unfamiliar and unsettling to the eye. You are Hastur, He Who Should Not Be Named. Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson’s films. Wait, are y'all NOT eldritch ocean gods? Jump to: navigation, search. Nodens) whereas the "Elder Gods" are a later creation of other prolific writers such as August Derleth, who was credited with formalizing the Cthulhu Mythos. A dragon-like entity, covered in pseudopods, regarded as the mother of the Snake-God, A spider-eyed bat-winged horror lurking within the. The Devourer of Gods, originally known as a mere myth in Terrarian legends, is a monstrous cybernetic serpent from the depths of an eldritch-conceived pocket dimension. In Joseph S. Pulver's novel Nightmare's Disciple several new Great Old Ones and Elder Gods are named. Dreeg, the oldest, watches over all. Dungeons & Dragons has its fair share of Eldritch Abominations, varying in size and severity from the kind your players might have a chance against if they get some lucky rolls, to the kind that consumes universes for funsies. Bast (CIRCLE: "The Suicide in the Study", "The Mannikin", "The Brood of Bubastis") Appears as a black slimy mass covered in eyes and mouths, much like a. Revered as a god of the dead and reanimated the deceased to sustain itself on their life force. There is no difference between freedom and chaos. Imbued Godhood. Uvhash (The Blood-Mad God of the Void) appears as a colossal, vampiric, red mass of both tentacles and eyes. Randolph Carter — Your 'type' is eldritch gods. The only Outer God to have a true personality, Nyarlathotep possesses a malign intellect and reveals a mocking contempt for his masters. Geolocalizzazione. A mysterious entity related to zoomorphic, Worshiped as a deity in a lost continent located in the southern. - A destructive entity manifesting as a ravenous metallic vortex. God & Goddess name generator . Lovecraft visited this premise in many of his stories, notably his 1928 short story, "The Call of Cthulhu", with reference to the eponymous creature. In our How to Paint Everything series, we take a look how to paint well, everything. This name generator will give you 10 names fit for most gods and deities in many fantasy stories. Lovecraft also created a canon of elder gods… A slimy shape-shifting mass, which can be summoned with mud and the blood of the invoker. The creeping feeling that, beneath the surface of things, something is definitely not right with the world, and to pull back this veneer and see the true way of things would drive us mad. My family are more eldritch sylvan god types, we tend to gather and consume the souls of inland campers, lumber executives, et al. Suc'Naath's essence is currently divided into three parts, one in a comet called Aiin, the other in some sort of statue located somewhere in the World, while the third has been genetically passed on for aeons through prehuman, and now human races of earth, mostly in the middle east. That dry, I sprayed the mini, applied copious blood effects to the awful wound in the middle, and they’re ready to rumble. A dark cloudy mass, with tentacles, absorbing falling stars. Named after the Greek Goddess of Truth, it manifests as vast spiral of manifold titanic hands with a single cycloptic eye in each palm as in the Hamsa and kilometric wire-like protrusions able to ensnare living beings replacing their spinal bone in puppet-like fashion. Ialdagorth (The Dark Devourer) is both the cousin and servant of Azathoth, appearing as a black, shapeless, malevolent mist. The Twins are up next. :) I suppose they could stop believing in them. But when your dreams begin to become haunted with twisted places and quiet whispe Aakronus. If these three parts are ever to be combine, Suc'Naath will be freed. Aren't all gods eldritch? Should the Old Gods succeed, the warped titan would consume all matter and energy in the universe, bringing all of existence under the void lords' will. Vote. A mysterious extra-dimensional entity, regarded as the brother of, A dark-skinned humanoid horror with tentacles sprouting from his head, and glowing red eyes, worshiped by the earliest African civilizations as the god. Ascolta senza pubblicità oppure acquista CD e MP3 adesso su Amazon.it. Eldritch Abominations. Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before. Azathoth is completely unaware of anything going on in the dream; hence his title. Appears as a mutagenic, glowing, foul-smelling mist or fluid that mutates all organisms around it while slowly consuming their life-force. However, as the Devourer's food sources became more adept at avoiding … The Mi-Go discovered the prison of Azhorra-Tha the millennia after, and made everything to not reveal its location to any human being. Thankfully a lot of these monsters are large enough it’s pretty simply to get in and clear away most of the egregious mold lines. Edit. Lunar entity that dwells in the Dimension of Enno-Lunn. A gigantic, bat-winged humanoid with detached eyes, wearing a green robe. In appearance, Cxaxukluth resembles something of a cross between Azathoth and Ubbo-Sathla: an amorphous, writhing mass of bubbling, nuclear, protoplasmic-gel. When summoned to Earth, the Mother of Pus seeks refuge in pools of stagnant, foul water. An ambiguous deity regarded as an Elder God. The cosmic entity Yog-Sothoth was first mentioned in The Case of Charles Dexter Ward (written 1927, first published 1941). First appearing in Lovecraft's 1920 prose poem of the same name, he was later mentioned in other works by Lovecraft and by other writers and in the tabletop role-playing games making use of the Cthulhu Mythos. An invisible wolf-like fiend similar to Fenrir of Norse mythology (if not coincident). Eldritch horror takes all kinds of forms, ranging form massive tentacled beasts to smaller twisted forms corrupted beyond comprehension and the capacity to invoke fear beyond rational thought. Nonetheless, they are probably allied to him in some way, since Wilbur Whateley, the half-human son of Yog-Sothoth, tried to summon them so that they could control Wilbur's more tainted twin and make it reproduce. It drags up the continent it is summoned in, and causes the entire world to suddenly cave-in on itself. The novel introducing Perse, Stephen King's "Duma Key" (2008), describes this entity with several Cthulhu Mythos leitmotivs, including a clear reference to Howard Phillips Lovecraft in the text. Likely named after the ancient Egyptian goddess Bastet. November 2020. Pin It. However, it was Derleth who applied the notion to all of the Great Old Ones. This entity is served by a small middle-eastern cult known as the Golden Hands of Suc'Naath, who collect deranged intellectuals and trained assassins, who wish to set Suc'Naath free (they may have connections to the old Hashashin cult as well). The sight of such a fiend is unsettling if not traumatizing. The tear in his chest was made with PVA and Super Glue which, when almost dry, was sliced with a scalpel and pulled downwards with a cocktail stick. He is revered as the. To get started I’m painting up a Cthonian from Fantasy Flight’s Mansions of Madness tabletop game, which offers an impressive array of miniatures including eldritch threats, cultists, and assorted hapless adventurers. The term became popular in the early 20th century through the writings of HP Lovecraft, whose horror focused on the terror of grappling with monsters and horror too alien to even comprehend. You worked a minimum wage job at a local café, took classes at a nearby university, and did everything you could to be a kind and decent human being. Introduced in Dylan Dog Issue 374,[77] In the plot the entity has clear features of an Outer God rather a Great Old One as well as an appearance vaguely resembling that of Yog-Sothoth and is invoked by a deranged prophet with words in Naacal or R'lyehan language almost coinciding with those featuring in Cthulhu's invocation, with R'lyeh replaced with Z'lyeh. Likely zero, or very close to it. I used the bones that are for decoration in the ghoul kit to have them jutting out of him at an unpleasant angle. Appears as a cyanotic humanoid, followed by an eerie blizzard. A humanoid-torso with tentacles instead of limbs, and a short neck ending in a toothless, featureless mouth. Next I applied shading to the pucker-areas of the tentacles and at the mouth where they enter the body. Likely coincident with Classical Underworld goddess. Super inspiring for me, these scary beasts. What would you look like as an eldritch god? You are the god of the artist and dreamers you can spread your insanity through. How to Paint Everything: Eldritch Gods, Horrorterrors, and other Weird Monsters. It is an all-knowing deity, which means it knows the past, present, and future. A great shadow thing, with two glaring red eyes, able to transform the skull of its victims into green glowing stones carved with strange symbols. He seems to be another half-brother of, A shadowy incorporeal entity dwelling in the. A photophobic bat-winged monstrosity, with both a thousand-eyed misshapen head and huge maws. The head is lion-like, but bony and his mouth encases three long tongues. We hope you enjoyed reading these and following along as much as we enjoyed making them! (Also known as the 2 guys having chill tea parties with Eldritch Gods) 3) BYRGENWERTH AND THE PTHUMERIANS. Awkward. A being made of cold, howling mist bound to. Mormo appears in many forms, but three are most common: as a mocking vampiric maiden, as a tentacle-haired. Skill Ranks per Level: 2 + Intmodifier. He is said to be the nemesis of the Outer God Uvhash, usually summoned to contrast this deity. Their amorphous, monstrous forms, and power inconceivable to human minds. Aiueb Gnshal (The Eyes Between Worlds, The Child-Minded God)[76] is a mysterious Outer God, who has his abode in a forgotten temple located somewhere in Bhutan. For my money the best of these is the short story. Please help work on the problem presented on the template. A huge mass of coiled, writhing tentacles. Imbued Godhood. To survive in a changing environment, she gained the ability to take on the characteristics of any creature that she devoured. "Devourers In The Mist". Please help work on the problem presented on the template. Ycnàgnnisssz is a black, festering, amorphous mass that constantly blasts and erupts violently, spewing out bits of churning lava-like material. Phyrex is the god of life and one of the most loving things out there. Lovecraft and the Cthulhu Mythos". Smite is the free-to-play MOBA with a cast of mythical icons and gods. She usually conceals her true form behind a powerful illusion, appearing as a comely young woman; only favored members of her cult can see her as she actually is. Yog-Sothoth is coterminous with all time and space, yet is supposedly locked outside of the universe we inhabit. Has the same appearance as Yog-Sothoth, except its spheres are of a different color and its nature is purely benevolent. Campaign Setting: Aleithia Universe; Players Guide. Derleth attempted to retroactively group the benevolent deity Nodens in this category (who acts as deus ex machina for the protagonists in both The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath and "The Strange High House in the Mist"). Then I positioned them together, applied a bit wedge of greenstuff in the middle and then carefully began pressing them together and pulling them apart. Darkness (Magnum Tenebrosum, The Unnamed Darkness) is a mysterious entity spawned by Azathoth, and is the progenitor of Shub-Niggurath. They lacked eternal life and could barely survive on their own. In addition, the majority of them a… Eldritch Gods (Aleithia Supplement) From D&D Wiki. Eldritch Horror Books Showing 1-50 of 131 House of Leaves (Paperback) by. The majority of these have physical forms that the human mind is incapable of processing; simply viewing them renders the viewer incurably insane. All have been gathered here for simplicity's sake but this time I cut away the belly of the first, and around the right shoulder, then formed a greenstuff belly into which I set a ghoul head. Others have a cult title as Othkkartho (Sire of the Four Titans of Balance and Order), which is said to be Nodens's son, and Zehirete, who is The Pure and Holy Womb of Light. The name Oryx is given in Call of Cthulhu RPG supplement "The Creature Companion" (The Bright Flame) manifests as a giant pillar of blinding white and purple flames. Dark Gods (Mass Market Paperback) by. :) I suppose they could stop believing in them. Once close, an eye of flame forms within. He’s actually the upper torso of a Harpy fixed onto the legs and torso of two ghouls, one on top of the other. When first summoned, Yomagn'tho appears as a small ball of fire that quickly expands to a large circle of fire with three flaming inner petals. The Star Mother appears as a chunk of yellow-green stone about the size of an infant. This will be a limited run and will probably be gone when summer is. – the green stuff over his eyes was basically the only conversion made to the base models. eldritch gods are considered chaotic for good reason, and their goals are so far from understandable, with humanity so unimportant that it can only be considered not good. This entity is introduced in the role-playing game, This entity was introduced in the strategy game "Cthulhu Wars" by, First appears in Cthulhu Wars by Petersen Games, Kag'Naru of the Air and Rh'Thulla of the Wind are mentioned in the, According to Kenneth Grant, this would be an extraterrestrial intelligence which the occultist, M'Nagalah also features as a villain in the. Although not an actual Outer God as such, its form and astounding powers defy standard classification. Over time, Yidhra split herself into different aspects, though each part shares her consciousness. She is mother of the Great Old One Shterot, and five other unnamed hideous children. The Mother of Pus was spawned through an obscene mating between a human and Shub-Niggurath. There is enmity with both the Elder God Nodens and the Great Old One Gi-Hoveg. Nodens ("Lord of the Great Abyss") appears as a human male riding a huge seashell pulled by legendary beasts. - Duration: 1 hour, 14 minutes. Yog-Sothoth, the "All-in-One and One-in-All", co-rules with Azathoth and exists as the incarnation of time in the cosmos, yet is somehow locked outside the mundane universe. Cantrips: Prestidigitation, Minor Illusion, Mage Hand, Green Flame Blade, Booming Blade. She is Cthulhu's sister and mate, who bore him the twin daughters Nctosa and Nctolhu. 71 likes. Note that several settings have their own specific abominations. D'endrrah[55] (The Divinity) is a sort of blurry female entity of supernatural beauty, dwelling within her obsidian palace located on Mars' Moon Deimos. A mass of both entrails and eyes, or a massive blob-thing. The being is said to take the form of a conglomeration of glowing spheres. Apply the PVA in a layer over the surface and then allow drops of Super Glue to fall onto it. She lives in a hall composed of a myriad of mirrors that distort her appearance, which is that of a tentacled dark abyss. Daniel Harms, "A Brief History of the Cthulhu Mythos", p. viii. B Hoek. Most are colossal monstrosities formed from the very fabric of the universe and virtually impossible to destroy, have minds whose thought processes are incomprehensible to humans, show little to no regard for the consequences their actions may have on lesser beings, and drive to insanity any who look upon their true form. An eyeless alien humanoid entity, massively overgrown with both strange flesh and machinery. This entity has previously been mentioned in R. H. Barlow and H. P. Lovecraft's "The Hoard of Wizard-Beast" (1933). The Lesser Eldritch serve the Greater Eldritch devotedly and worship them as 'gods.' 9 Constellations – Unleash the powers of forgotten gods with 9 new Devotion Constellations that offer even more ways to traverse Grim Dawn’s massive celestial tapestry. Skip navigation Sign in Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. It's r'lyeh quite good. A malignant entity manifesting as a mace-wielding armored warrior. You spread your insanity through history by men and women of literature. [90] In Lovecraft's short story "The Dunwich Horror", Yog-Sothoth impregnates a mortal woman, Lavinia Whateley, who then gives birth to twin sons: the humanoid Wilbur Whateley and his more monstrous unnamed brother. [citation needed]. A gigantic marine horror with twelve snaky-limbs, endowed with suckers, and a beard of tentacles, both served and revered by vicious, An invisible entity made of both snow and chill, servitor of, A hideous being appearing as a dark, gigantic, legless, A mysterious evil entity, manifesting as a pillar of dazzling light, dwelling in the ruins of. 0. These deities have one or more improving, reviewing, or removing templates present. Remember, these are just stories thought up by a very imaginative human being. He is described as a son of both the Elder God Nodens and the Great Old One Lythalia and has a twin brother, Yaggdytha.[31]. They were an exciting sculpting and converting project, and I wanted to really get them to immediately read as horrific and wrong. This was much more a genuine conversion rather than a full sculpt – I simply took a pair of ghoul legs and two ghoul bodies then cut each ghoul body so about a quarter of it was missing from each side, leaving two flat surfaces, a head and an arm on each.