Mattel shares user information with third party service providers to offer and improve our products, understand our users, and operate our business. While Carbon-Zinc batteries may work well with low-power devices, they can drain after a short period of time and cause certain products to not function properly. Third party service providers are not allowed to use information obtained through their work with us for their own marketing purposes. The Companion App is designed so that consumers of all ages – from grandparents and parents to our large fan base of Hot Wheels® Collectors to kids – can digitally play the game without using or purchasing the physical product. Free shipping . RAM 3GB or higher, Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, S8 / S8+, S9 / S9+ Tab S4, Google Pixel (2016 and newer devices recommended), No account login or registration is required to play. Does Hot Wheels™ id use an age gate to exclude children from using certain features? Mattel uses Super Awesome technology services in providing Mattel Login and the Mattel Login Parent Portal. You can use your username to sign into Mattel Login enabled apps and games. recommend using alkaline batteries with our products, as they are great for long-term use and help optimize performance. Search for assembly information on Mattel or Fisher-Price instruction sheets/manuals by product number, product name, or keywords. We ask for age information when the Companion App is downloaded for purposes of collecting aggregate demographics regarding our users. Just enable the Bluetooth® on your smart device, connect the portal to your device in the App, hit the scanning button in the App, and then place the car on/in the portal to scan your car. If so how? You can also delete your child’s Mattel Login account. When required, we obtain consent from a user or a parent to share information with third parties and offer a mechanism for opting out of such sharing. Simply download the Companion App and use the App or the Race Portal to scan your cars and play. That's $11 off … $44.78. Or they can set multiple cars on the track for hours of epic Hot Wheels® racing fun. You will also need Wi-fi to receive periodic updates for the App and the Race Portal. $29.00 These security processes continue until we retire the product. Please call toll free 855-458-3270 or New & Used (45) from $37.10 + FREE Shipping. If you have an iPhone or iPad, there have been reported issues with iOS upgrades since version 11.4.1. Does Hot Wheels™ id collect precise location information? But if extremely slow, the portal will assume car is not in active play. This Power shift raceway is awesome and a great add to my 5 year old son's Hot Wheels Garage. Does Mattel Login share my information with third parties? The vehicle has a uniquely encoded near-field communication (“NFC”) chip that is only transferred when vehicle crosses over the Race Portal’s NFC reader. During the time the product is in production, we conduct active mobile app scanning and penetration testing, while maintaining diligent quality control and change management security assessments for any maintenance patches or upgrades to functionality. The permission does not allow Hot Wheels™ id to access to your photos. 250010001 and up (25 pages) Snow Blower Toro 824 Power Shift Operator's Manual. Matchbox Power Shift vehicles rock any playtime, with easy-to-use features that makes playing out police chases a blast. The Hot Wheels™ id Smart Track™ Kit does not connect to the Internet. This is a feature of Bluetooth® pairing. Kids are encouraged to physically play with the actual physical product (age-graded 8+ consistent with applicable product safety requirements for toys). At launch, this will include some digital features only. 3326-376 Rev A 924, 1028, and 1332 Power Shift Snowthrower Model No. Hot Wheels Power Shift Raceway Track & 5-Race Vehicles Set. If you are an adult, you can use your own registered email id to reset your password. In one of the one star reviews, the reviewer calls out that the pieces separate over time. If the car goes through the Portal at a fast speed and hits a barrier that bounces the car back through the portal, expect a fast first read but a slow second read. For more information, see the Mattel Login FAQ. Hot Wheels Power Shift Raceway NEW . Opt for in-store pickup to avoid the $5.99 shipping charge. If you are a parent, you can also use your Mattel Login account to access our Parent Portal, where you can manage your child’s safety and privacy across all the Mattel Login enabled websites and apps they use and log into. Operator’s Manual Domestic English (EN) Form No. 38547—220000001 and Up Model No. Mattel supports principles of safety, and privacy and security by design in producing mixed play experiences, and encourages you take a moment to review answers to some frequently asked questions about Hot Wheels… Walmart offers the Hot Wheels Power Shift Raceway Track & 5 Race Vehicles Set for $13.99. the underside of the launcher, each end of the rubber band should be wrapped The track set comes with 5 different cars, booster, a big loop, air jump, and a dropping ramp! around a peg on each side of the main launcher and then doubled up and hooked When the Wi-fi icon in the top bar of your smart device is lit up, you are connected to Wi-fi. Brand. Note that Apple iPads do not currently read NFC, so you will need a Race Portal to scan cars for use with an iPad. Fail Securely: Handling errors securely is key. If they sign into additional Mattel Login enabled products, this will also generate an email notification to the parent the first time the child logs into that app, game, or website. Hot Wheels™ id and its Companion App will not include advertising at launch. If you delete your child’s Mattel Login account, any game play and progress associated with the account will be lost and your child will need to start over as a new user. Play the best car games and racing games. Yes, certain features for enhanced play are available for purchase through the App. ESRB seals signify compliance with applicable privacy laws and best practices related to the online collection and use of personal information, including but not limited to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). 2. Additional information regarding choices available to you with respect to your information or your child’s information is available in Mattel’s Privacy Statement. The Companion App is freezing/crashing. (64 pages) We may include features in our online products that require parental consent. Yes. The endcap isn’t showing up in the Hot Wheels™ id Companion App. Before connecting your smart device to the Race Portal, make sure your device’s Bluetooth® is on. How will I know if my child is using Mattel Login enabled apps, games or websites? To learn more about Super Awesome, click here. You can still play in the physical world, but you won’t be able to see your cars’ performance information or play the digital game. C $51.03. Next. How to play with the Hot Wheels™ id Race Portal, How to play with the Hot Wheels™ id Smart Track, How to see your Hot Wheels id™ cars in AR. We do this to protect your privacy and security. Free shipping . Hot Wheels® Power Shift™ Raceway Track Set. $24.99 + shipping . That is why we ask for date of birth before a user can set up a Mattel Login account. How does Mattel protect the privacy of its users? Play out your favorite action scenes and invent new ones, and bring it back to station after a job well done! The endcap is small and meant to capture the cars as they race through the track. The App is available for Apple iOS App store at launch and will be available for Android in the Google Play store starting on or about July 10, 2019. You’ll know it’s on when the button lights up. Hot Wheels™ id will be available for Android on or around July 10, 2019. Kids can blast their cars up, down and around this motorized loop raceway for a super cool, high-flying stunt! MATTEL/HOT WHEELS SHIFT KNOBS Refine. Do I have to have Smart Track™ and/or the Race Portal to play Hot Wheels™ id? To turn the portal off, hold the button for 3 seconds until the light turns off. Hot Wheels™ id is a skill-based game. Setul de joaca Hot Wheels Pista Power Shift RACEWAY cu 5 masinute incluse, aduce joaca nelimitata in sufrageria sau dormitorul copiilor. You may also use cellular data instead of Wi-fi, but you may incur charges depending on your carrier and your plan. How do I keep them on? If you don’t use a Bluetooth® enabled smart device, you will not be able to see your physical cars and their performance in your digital garage. Privacy Statement: A. I’m having trouble getting my Bluetooth® to work. Do I have to provide information before I can use Hot Wheels™ id? We do use an age gate for users that chose to sign up for Mattel Login so that we can identify children and collect information needed to communicate with their parent to provide notifications and obtain parental consent if needed. No, a parent does not have to set up Hot Wheels™ id. Children can only make in-App purchases if their parent’s app store settings allow access to the store without entering the parent’s app store password. $55.98 + shipping . Hot Wheels Power Shift Raceway Track Set #FCF18 1:64 Scale Diecast (Includes 5) $21.75. If I delete the Companion App, will I still get updates? You will also need to download the Hot Wheels™ id App to see the cars’ performance data and fully experience Hot Wheels™ id. Watch cool car videos and outrageous stunt driving videos. $42.95. 38630—serial no. The Hot Wheels™ id experience is appealing and intended for all ages. Firmware updates for the race portal and Smart Track™ will be automatically downloaded and applied when they’re available as long as you have the Companion App installed and Wi-fi and Bluetooth are enabled on your device. I keep losing connection between the Race Portal and my smart device. It's extreme action on a slope with this set! Because the Hot Wheels™ id Bluetooth® connection is secure, you will not find it listed in your device Settings > Bluetooth. If your child signs up for Mattel Login through one of our Mattel Login enabled apps, games, or websites, we will ask them to provide us with a parent’s email address so that we can notify you of their activities. Hot Wheels™ id is the premium, next-level Hot Wheels® experience that brings physical and digital play together with uniquely measurable cars, a race portal, and Smart Track™, so you can build your personalized fleet, measure your performance and compete like never before. To learn more about Super Awesome, click here,,,, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPad Air 2, iPad 5th Generation (2017), iPad 6th Generation (2018), iPad Pro, 10.5-inch iPad Pro. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. No, Hot Wheels™ id does not collect location information. For more information, please see Mattel’s Privacy Statement. If you share your car with someone else and they scan the car, the car and its performance data will move out of your digital garage and into their garage. X3427, Infant to Toddler Rocker): Shop for Parts Discovery Mindblown Pack-N-Go Chemistry 29-Piece Set $69.99 $23: Woot Contixo Drones, Robots, & RC Vehicles from $40: NBA Jam … Hot Wheels Power Shift Raceway Track Set 4.0 out of 5 stars 48. Super Awesome only processes this data to provide these services to Mattel customers. Are Mattel Login and the Mattel Login Parent Portal certified by a third party for privacy and security? If the car is going slow through the race portal, it should register low top speed. Mattel Login helps keep kids safe online and provides parents with information about their child’s online activities. How can I access, update, or delete information Mattel has about my child in connection with Hot Wheels™ id? Toys for your little ones Shop now. 1974 Hot Wheels Red Line Thundershift 500 track. How will I know which Mattel apps, games and websites are Mattel Login enabled? You’ll know the scan was successful when you see the car appear on your device. How long will Mattel support Hot Wheels™ id? Mattel is deeply committed to safety and security, and it is an integral part of our approach to the design of our connected products. Product Description. This screen-name can be different for each app or game and can be selected by the user from a list of available names. 38560—220000001 and Up Model No. No, you can still race our physical cars on the track, but you won’t be able to see the car’s performance data or play the digital game without the App. You can also update or delete your child’s account at any time using our Mattel Login Parent Portal. Zero Trust: Zero trust means that for all sensitive data, we implement security processes that “trust nothing and verify everything.” We maintain round-the-clock zero trust safeguards everywhere that our, Close all apps on your smart device, including, Go to your device Settings and enable “Airplane Mode” to disconnect from your data and Wi-Fi connection. BRAND NEW, AND NEVER BEEN OPENED. You are leaving to visit another website operating under a separate privacy statement and terms of use. What information do is required to sign up for Mattel Login? $99.98. The security and privacy of Hot Wheels™ id is certified by Electronic Software Ratings Board (ESRB), an independent COPPA Safe Harbor provider approved by the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”). Can I use my standard Hot Wheels® tracks with Hot Wheels™ id or does it only work with Smart Track™? Can kids access the Internet with Hot Wheels™ id? Who is Super Awesome and why are they referenced in the Mattel Login Parent Portal? How to see your Hot Wheels id™ cars in AR. Hot Wheels Power Shift Raceway Track Set Visit the Hot Wheels Store. Who is the intended audience of Hot Wheels™ id? What do I do? Depending on the features of the game that your child wishes to access, and the information your child will be asked to share to participate in those features, you will have the ability to access, review, consent to, and or revoke permissions requested by the Mattel Login enabled product. Careful with that speed! How do I keep it connected? Mattel is committed to the below seven core principles of privacy and security by design for Hot Wheels™ id, and we have implemented safeguards to protect personal information from unauthorized access. If I delete the Companion App, will my Hot Wheels™ id still work? I’m having trouble getting my Wi-fi to work. Re-pair the iDevice or car you Connect: Settings > Bluetooth® > Choose the device you are having issues with > Tap on the info button next to the device > Tap on Forget This Device. Pembayaran mudah, pengiriman cepat & bisa cicil 0%. We carry only original POWER WHEELS by FISHER PRICE parts and products. You can reset your password by clicking the “Forgot Password?” link on the bottom right corner of the sign-in page Once the portal is off, the sensors in the portal and Smart Track® will not be able to read the NFC chips in the cars. Kids can blast their cars up, down and around this motorized loop raceway for a super cool, high-flying stunt! Does Hot Wheels™ id or the Companion App include advertising? Sorry, replacement parts are not currently available for this product. SIGN UP FOR PRICE ALERT. Need directions on how to use products. The Hot Wheels™ id Smart Track™ Kit Set comes with a Smart Track™, Race Portal, and two exclusive Hot Wheels™ id cars. You be the construction crew - get this truck to the job site, haul your cargo, and park it back at the construction yard at the after a big day's work! Yes, Mattel will provide updates to the Companion App and to the Race Portal as needed to support proper functioning and security. During our design and development process, we build robust error handling into our platforms and products to ensure no unintended exposure of sensitive user data. Mattel supports principles of safety, and privacy and security by design in producing mixed play experiences, and encourages you take a moment to review answers to some frequently asked questions about Hot Wheels™ id and our privacy and security practices. To protect your privacy and security, we do not allow you to create your own displayname, However, you can still choose a displayname of your liking from a randomized list we provide during account creation. The Smart Track™ and Race Portal contain sensors that read the chip and measure the car’s performance, such as completed laps and speed, as you control their speed with the booster as they race around the track. Includes a motorized booster for stunts and crashing action and 1 Hot Wheels® vehicle. Kids can blast their cars up, down and around this motorized loop raceway for a super cool, high-flying stunt! How does Mattel ensure that my and my child’s information won’t be used improperly by third parties and service providers? I've experienced this before with some of the tracks for Hot Wheels, however, it's an easy solve with a small piece of duck tape along the bottom. In fact, it’s so small and effective that we couldn’t fit electronics inside, so it will not show in the builds on the Companion App. If you are a child (under 13 in the US or as otherwise defined in your country/region of residence), we will collect your date of birth, a username and password, and a parent’s email address. You won’t be able to see the standard tracks in the Companion App, but the Race Portal and Smart Track™ will still record the performance information for your Hot Wheels™ id cars. HOS (10) HouseOSpeed Exclusive (1) Price. Check your Bluetooth® on Android device and make sure it is turned on. Mattel uses commercially reasonable and appropriate measures to protect consumer data from improper use by third party service providers. For more information, see Mattel’s Privacy Statement. No, Hot Wheels™ id does not have a microphone. It does not use precise location, and it does not track your precise location. On The Race Portal collects data regarding car’s performance, such as completed laps and speed around the track.