It also includes 2x Moon Jellyfish, and a pack of Instant Brine Shrimp, which should be enough food to last 1-2 months. Live Jellyfish & Aquarium. The long awaited beginners jellyfish tank has arrived! Dimensions: 31cm tall x 20cm wide Suitable for 1-3 Jellyfish 12 Month Warranty In Stock for Immediate Delivery! Small, quiet and stylish; The Cylinder Nano can change colour with the press of the button, and is super-quiet too! The Deluxe Jellyfish Cylinder Nano® comes with three live moon jellyfish, jellyfish food, everything you need to set up the aquarium, and deluxe extras. The Jellyfish Art Cylinder Nano Package. Everything to get you set up and ready with your own jellyfish tank, with all the tools at your disposal! Most of us have seen the cubic or jellyfish art tanks, and while great little tanks for beginners and good for keeping 1 or two jellyfish at a time, depending on the size, I decided to build my own. Arrives before Christmas. Watching Live Jellyfish is hypnotic and mesmerizing, captivating viewers. Add this piece of Modern Living Art to your Decor. The team from Florida-based Jellyfish Art recently unveiled their 2 gallon Jellyfish Cylinder Nano on Kickstarter.You may have heard in just over 2 weeks, the product has over 1200 backers and has raised more than $300,0000. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Finally, keeping jellyfish easily at home is actually possible! I fist noticed one of these swimming around in my tank less than a week ago. This 8 Litre Aquarium is the perfect introduction to keeping jellyfish as pets. See more… A Sensory Synthetic Jelly Fish Aquarium Tank 14 inches Tall Mood Lamp. In the wild jellyfish are very gentle swimmers, usually staying afloat and drifting along with ocean currents. Jellyfish Art offers easy to keep live jellyfish aquarium kits. I wanted to share my DIY jellyfish tank build. These aren't your regular fish tanks, they are interior-design-friendly, modern, cutting-edge aquariums that are sure to wow! Contains: 1x Jellyfish Art Cylinder Nano Jellyfish Tank 3x Moon Jellyfish 1x Ocean Nutrition Instant Brine Shrimp 1x Starter bacterias 20 ml 1x Chemi-Pure Blue Nano 1-Pack 1x No3 test 1x Hobby Artemia Brine Shrimp Hatchery 1x Artemia Brine Shrimp Eggs 55g They seem to spend most of the time on the glass, but take off and go for a swim when I clean the glass. Complete with Colour changing RGB lighting (With remote) and super silent air pump the nano aquarium is a stunning feature to any room. $26.72 $ 26. 72. The new Jellyfish Art Cylinder Nano Tank is the perfect kit for those looking to keep pet jellyfish at home or in the office. A Jellyfish Tank is a fascinating new trend in the Saltwater Aquarium hobby. I had a couple of old 10 gallon tanks lying around, and I decided to make my own Pseudo- Kreisel. Jellyfish Aquariums. They swim like jellyfish. You can now Buy a Pet Jellyfish Aquarium for your Home or Office. Get it as soon as Thu, Dec 24. This bundle includes the Jellyfish Art Cylinder Nano Jellyfish Tank, by far the easiest jellyfish aquarium for those looking to start keeping jellies. Jellyfish need to be kept in specially designed tanks. 4.1 out of 5 stars 25. I now have at least 15-20 of them on my glass. In Stock for Immediate Delivery!