Harvest Hosts Review – Overnight RV Camping at Wineries, Farms and More . I used to use Wall-Mart parking lots but they are not as friendly as many years ago. Being a Truck Driver and RV owner,and Fulltimer,I have been in both situations. We know that it’s a truck stop and the truckers get first dibs. Alabama Rest Areas Rules: No overnight parking or camping. Be Happy. machines issue receipts that you put on your dashboard. The rest areas will have two areas, one for trucks and RV's and autos with trailers and the other area for auto's. Since nobody wants a knock on the door at 3 AM, always remember: there’s a huge difference between overnight parking and overnight camping. If the camp ground owners are that hostile to me staying one night that they may miss a few dollars, then I will by-pass the whole county and spend my money where I am appreciated. I never pull into a rest area posted “no over nite stay”. There are 4 in each direction. I have used Flying J with good results so far. You can stay overnight at most Walmart’s except those near Disney World and other Theme parks. April 5, 2016 April 5, 2016. overnight parking rest areas. Our interactive demo provides a good example of how our product works for active subscribers. Overnight RV Parking Etiquette (RVers’ Good Neighbor Policy) Stay one night only! It is important to note that overnight RV parking is prohibited at roadside rest stops in the USA, except in the following states: Arizona; Arkansas; Connecticut; Illinois (only on Illinois Toll Road) Indiana (only on Indiana Toll Road) Kansas; Nevada; New Mexico; New York (emergencies only) Ohio (only on Ohio Turnpike) Oklahoma; Oregon (14-hour limit) Texas I don’t know about the rules for other roadways here. Does anyone have any experience with being told to move on by a police officer when they were just doing this? And although it's a fairly common practice to park overnight at interstate rest areas, Florida Department of Transportation rules technically limit rest area visits to three hours. I have often used rest stops for a power nap, or just have lunch on my way somewhere. Posted on July 7, 2018 February 19, 2019 by Robin Barrett. An area is set aside for overnight RV parking at eight Service Plazas. Check FreeCampSites.net. I have heard that it is legal to park in any municipal lot unless otherwise posted. We ended parking in the back lot of a hotel and found out later it was parking for the firemen in the station across the street. So if you are traveling thru Minnesota and going north on 35 you have to stop and see this!! In an unusually welcoming approach to travelers, the state of Oregon encourages rest areas to explore nearby walking paths and historical sites, even going as far as to welcome picnicking. Truck stops aren't just for trucks, tractor trailers, and over-sized rigs anymore. Yes, there are some States that have straightforward rules, like Texas and California, but if you travel through these States or research individual Rest Areas in those States, you quickly find that each location’s rules can vary. The diesel side offers reserved truck and RV parking for a fee. Not a big deal. And, they have WIFI at some. I park in a camp ground. Rene Agredano - The Full Timing Nomad says. So far that has worked for me. I highly recommend utilizing the Ohio’s RV lots if you need power, a safe place to overnight, and don’t mind spending the $20. A generous manager should allow you for a overnight spot. I was running out of funds, was getting paid, in 2 days and was hauling livestock. No. My only problem is people driving small RV’s are in a Semi- Truck Parking spot, if your rig is under 18′ or so you can fit in a car space, if your a car pullins a tiny trailer you can fit in the car parking . I have called campgrounds for a one night stop and was told that it was past check-in time. And move on to the next spot as needed. Car and truck parking 3. One rest stop west of Deming has real nice dispersed ramadas to accommodate people who are staying for more than just a quick potty break. “Dont worry-be happy”. The truckers watch out for us “helpless” females. RVs are … If you do, it is unlikely you will get the dreaded 3a.m.-knock-on-the-door telling you to move on. They do, however, want to keep their highways safe. Data indicates that weary drivers have a far greater chance of falling asleep at the wheel or being involved in a vehicular accident. Comment: Obey posted regulations. Overnight parking for safety reasons only; no camping; California. Because you are all great "citizens of the road", we know you'll follow camping etiquette, no matter where you stop. There’s a popular belief among many RVers that it’s OK to take advantage of free overnight RV parking at truck stops around America. I’ve seen time limits anywhere between 2 hours up to 24 hours. Thank you Marc! My experience is that south of Montgomery, it isn’t, in other words, close to the coast and the beaches. I did read something about it some time ago, but can't find the post (if it was on TA that is). When we are doing long trips to our next destinations, we stop along the way and stay overnight in rest stops or parking lots so that we can get some rest. I listen for a short time and as I had been a truck driver for 21 years and prior to retiring had been a Commercial Vehicle Inspector with the MN. to visit one of my sons, my granddaughters and some great grand kids that I had never seen. Overnight parking rules vary by state. My advice is to pull your blinds and actually sleep so you can move on to a more beautiful and permanent spot to camp! So, where do you park RV at night for free? They are called REST areas for a reason. RV’s are supporting one hell of a hunk on the National Recreational Establishment and putting a lot of cash and jobs into the system. USE your influence with your representatives. I’m retired military and have traveled across the USA with family for 40 years! New rest area facilities are being constructed throughout the state incorporating these new features, including: Air-conditioned and heated restrooms, as well as an assisted-use restroom Larger parking areas, with separated areas for cars and commercial trucks According to the web page linked to above, 6 of the 17 rest areas are closed until early or mid 2017 for re-construction, two on I-16 and four on I-75 in South Georgia. As a trucker, I try to share because sometimes you are just as big as me and finding a parking spot is difficult- but that being said, yes thank you… We are limited by federal law as to how long we can drive and we MUST shut down. No state rules against overnight parking at a Walmart. Yes, $7.2 MILLION for a rest area!!!! California is no worse or better than any other state when it comes to safety in a rest area. We are with you! We do try to be respectful of truckers who are heavily regulated on how long they may drive before stopping, and when we pull into a rest area that is very busy, we tend to move on. See the map of rest areas in Nevada; Ohio. There is an 8-hour stay limit. We have stayed overnight in florida rest areas many times over the years. amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "search";
The information presented here is not official. Most of the information I get about rest areas comes from the Overnight RV Parking app but FreeCampSites.net also has some rest area information. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. RV parking areas offer electrical outlets (20 and 30-120V; 50 AMP-240V), a wastewater dump station for black/grey water tanks and potable water filling station, all for a $20.00 fee. There are some rest areas, however, in Oregon and Montana that provide access to a state park or national forest in which camping is permitted. Today, we’ll take a look at the same topic, in the State of Texas. Locations in red indicate stores that have been reported as not allowing overnight parking. Depending on the state, you may also park overnight at rest areas and visitors canters along the highways. This was very helpful. The only way to know for sure is to do your research. Sometimes this means sleeping. No overnight parking or camping. There are several reasons that a Walmart would not allow campers to park overnight. I believe the person I spoke with before said that for severe weather you might have to stay for a couple of days and that was not a problem. Prime Day is here. I will post the answer if I get one. If you know of a location that does not allow overnight RV parking, please use this form to submit store information. Do you have overnight security at Florida's rest areas? Going North out of CO on I-25, the first exit in WY has designated RV overnight area complete with a Dump Station. Ask the person at the local visitor's center, the clerk in the grocery store, the gas station … Try the RV LIFE Pro Bundle FREE for 7 days. We always purchase coffee and fuel. But talking to the folks inside you can spend the night. In this section we’ll discuss the former. And, they are building more rest stops, unlike some state that are closing them down. Rest areas vary, let’s start there. you can park for free in the Semi parking area and the dump station is free also. The areas are intended for RV, so RV services, including bathrooms, are available for $20. Most rest areas and truck stops have picnic tables and washrooms. As a result, RVer discussion forums are full of hot debates about the ethics and safety of free overnight parking. No worries. Smaller rest areas you can probably get away with for shorter stay before being asked to leave. We weren’t the on;y ones there either. In the state of Texas the answer to your question is yes. Availability and ability to stay overnight varies largely on the store’s management. And even when we are on vacation we have schedules and deadlines and locations to meet. There were numerous car spaces open, so they did not need to do that. Some truck stops like Flying J and Pilot have a special area for RV’s. Currently line level bureaucrats are making the Policies. Each state has different official rules about this. It prevents those 2am knocks on the door. It is frustrating when you plan for a rest area and there are no spots, just campers or RVs. You need to go in and let them know you wish to stay. My wife and I RV cross country trips annually Coast to Coast! Working vs. Your email address will not be published. Most Cracker Barrel restaurants have a special area for RV’s also. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. “Q: Can I BBQ my hot dogs or veggie burgers over a campfire? Above: Cabela’s even has dump stations, water and dog kennels See Commissioner’s Memorandum No. Since they do have a policy that allows for Rv parking, you may even want to check at places where they don’t have special parking lots and request for a halt overnight. RV Lot includes the paved areas only. Nice… I’m sure the smell was something wonderful also. As for the Rules and The Real Scoop, let’s start here: Like many Travel Bloggers out there, I thought there were specific states that allowed Overnight Parking at Rest Areas — I was wrong. What a hoot. Have been back and forth across the country and have had no problems. Locations in red indicate stores that have been reported as not allowing overnight parking. amzn_assoc_search_bar = "true";
THE LDS MORMON CHURCH WILL LET YOU PARK IN THERE CHURCH PARKING LOTS OVER NIGHT FOR FREE. 3 RIDICULOUSLY EASY WAYS TO KEEP YOUR RV WATER TASTY AND CLEAN, Full-Time RVers Experience a Strange Sensation When Boondocking. Wow Ric, thanks for giving us insight right from the source. / 6 States That Allow Overnight Parking At Rest Areas / overnight parking rest areas. Massachusetts does unless posted differently. Lobby for larger rest areas! This is great for staying overnight, but not so great for safety. How To Know If You Can Sleep At A Rest Area . Whats the difference if a trucker is tired or me pulling an rv is tired. For a more in-depth analysis of overnight parking at rest areas, refer to the following article on RV Hive. 108 (PDF).”, “Q: Can I sleep at an Oregon rest area? As a snowbird for the last six plus years my trek south to south west Florida has always included a one night sleep over at Pilot/Flying J, WalMart and/or rest stop in either GA. or FL. But just to pull in and stay for 8-10 hours and not bother anyone? No awnings, chairs or barbecue grills. When I pull in at 10 pm and no spots but RVs and campers are taking over half of the spots and my federal mandated clock is running out- where would you like me to go? If other travelers and truckers are staying overnight, you will likely be just fine. So how can you find out? Safety rules for free camping in Canada might just come in handy. That’s when things get questionable. Do you have RV hook-ups at Florida's rest areas? Hopefully other states will follow their lead. At night it is almost impossible to find a place in most states to take a 30 minute mandatory break. OvernightRVParking.com has a Smartphone App! One has to appreciate the Welcome from Walmart and others that provide a place to stop and rest while traveling NOT camping. You have to be kidding me, right. Remaining in a rest area for a period of time longer than that established by the Idaho Transportation Department. Why Would Walmart Deny Overnight RV Parking? One for car, one for trucks, and one for RV’s. As rent rises, people without homes find sleeping and living in cars to be a temporary solution; with cars, and especially RVs, you can retain enough of your belongings to live a comfortable life. There are two types of free RV parking: those that are meant for a quick overnight only, and those that allow actual camping. We didn’t take it (we drive a 32 ft RV with car in tow, traveling for work). No overnight parking or camping. Page Last Updated: September 23, 2019. as a welcome center employee, my first time being asked a question regarding an overnight stay at a rest area, by a couple with a travel van( husband is handicapped) asked me where they can sleep overnight for free because rest areas don’t allow….only semi’s. Required fields are marked *. What good does empty parking slots do. Check with each State’s Department of Transportation. Yes. Texas law allows visitors to stay at the safety rest area for up to 24 hours. amzn_assoc_region = "US";
I don’t mind motorhome or campers using rest areas but we do need a lot more parking. amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart";
Please don’t take up a space that a trucker needs, they have on duty and driving restrictions that greatly affects their job performance. while i do agree with you, having been an OTR trucker, I did not like spending time in rest areas as there was too much noise, traffic and sometime hookers knocking on the door. Please remember that the trucks have to maneuver through the lot so think about where you stop and stay. I was not aware that was allowed but then i don’t go to rest area’s all that much. Those who do generally cite convenience. Yes, I was in fact threatened with arrest, towing and impound of vehicle, and being cited for failure to obey an officer at the Smokey Point Safety Rest area if he ever sees me at any rest areas in Snohomish county because “things have been happening at this location” and I was told he was making everyone leave. Know Before You Go These new rest areas offer bigger bathrooms, pretty outdoor areas, a place to walk your dog, and sometimes get a snack (vending revenue has contributed to their construction). FIGURE if the Semi’s are parked there (Sleeping) it’s FINE for us RV-ers to do the same. I had just arrived and turned on gen to fix dinner and he pulled up and went to town on us for merely being there at all. Research Campgrounds, Plan RV Safe Routes & Turn your phone into an RV GPS. Yes Dade County with the exception of the Walmart in Florida city. Local residents behaving poorly caused a beautiful rest area to be indefinitely closed. South Florida Water Mgmt District. Policy: You can park for up to 24 hours at rest areas, and overnight parking is permitted. Comment below, we’d love to hear about your experience. Me and my wife are team drivers and also own a motorhome. Come on, if there is a spot and you are sleepy, TAKE IT. Gppd results. But beware, the truckers sometimes overflow into the RV area. When you are worn out, it is better to stop. A few years back, my daughter and I made a trip to Fort Worth TX. Overnight camping is not permitted. Parking multiple nights in a row, parking for 24 hours, setting up a camp, sure those things would be a problem in many cases. Yes. Large flat area for any size RV. As a truck driver yourself, you should know better. And I don’t hit the major cities until 2am. I do extend one slide out required for sleeping, and I do run a generator. Parking lots at shopping malls or supermarkets are often cam secured. Look up the word rest in Websters. Wisconsin has 29 rest areas, with amenities such as: 1. With a class … INDOT rest areas/welcome centers currently have 1,444 semi-truck parking spaces across the state – an average of 48 parking spaces at each facility. The Ohio Turnpike RV Parking sites with electric are all back ins. If you’re too cheap or broke to pay for an RV park and a big box parking lot is out of your way, overnighting in a truck stop parking spot might seem like a good idea—but the long-haul truckers of the highways disagree, and with good reason. Florida is kinda funny – while most rest areas have signs that state no overnight parking, enforcement is a different issue. We ended parking in the back lot of a hotel and found out later it was parking for the firemen in the station across the street. We spoke with on RV couple that was familiar with that location and they said it was not enforced, but don’t ask permission, (which we like to do normally) because they would just tell you that you can’t park overnight. Great idea. We keep expanding our sections on Overnight RV Parking locations so it is time for a roundup. That is, of course, if you jump through all of the hoops like arriving before closing time, asking permission, verifying that your RV was purchased from a Camping World dealership, and obtaining an overnight RV parking pass which must be displayed on your rig. If you look online you’ll find handy RVer websites about overnight parking at rest areas and some featuring Rest Area Usage Policies. Research Campgrounds, Plan RV Safe Routes & Turn your phone into an RV GPS. So when you’re trying to get from Point A to Point B as fast and safely as possible, a quick overnight stop at a rest area is a hassle-free way to get some shut-eye. North Adams MA Walmarts does not allow over night parking to RVs. They began to bad mouth the rv,s for taking up their parking places. Are Florida's rest areas open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? Mega $ RV’s are not the squalid vehicles of the 1930’s GRAPES OF WRATH. I didn’t come across anything but heresay on the web about those rest areas. I’ve stayed in AZ, (which has a very welcoming sign), CA, TX OR, ID, NM and WA, That’s 7. amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon";
Most people are confused on where they can park RV overnight. They are mainly maintained by the Alabama Department of Transportation. The Ohio Turnpike is I-80 east-west and they have specially designated overnight areas in their parking lots. Snacks and drinks from the vending services at m… Ohio Turnpike Plazas offer up to 11 RV parking spaces per plaza. Not very convenient for a MH towing a dinghy. ? Do you have dump stations at any of Florida's rest areas? amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit0";
Rest areas are usually not monitored; I’ve never seen a dude with a clipboard tracking what time vehicles go in and out. Use the UDOT Interactive Rest Area Map to view and locate Utah Rest Areas You can slumber in your camper, snore to beat the band in your RV, or dream about Oregon blueberries in your van, as long as it doesn’t exceed the 12-hour rule.”. I have never parked my RV in a rest area over night. Overnight Parking at Rest Stops Like many RVers, truckers, and car-travelers, we occasionally park at roadside rest stops overnight. How to RV Overnight at Truck-Stops: 6 Do’s and Don’ts Do: Do keep Truck Stops in your RV Overnight-arsenal. ,But that being said, Those who rv also need to get off of the road to rest, so my issue isnt with them, its with the states that kick Semi Drivers out before they have had their 8 hours off,, required by DOT Law,or that do not provide enough parking designated for Semi’s only! Your email address will not be published. Overnight parking permitted; no camping. Some truck stops have set aside longer parking lanes specifically for RVs. I use to drive a truck OTR so it’s all good! Copyright © 2008 - 2020 RV LIFE. The MHP officer said it was because it “wasn’t safe.” I guess falling asleep at the wheel IS considered safe?! Rest Stops. The adjacent lawns, mounds, and/ or wooded areas are not for camping. Here's a list of the states that officially allow overnight (one night only) camping at roadside rest areas in self contained vehicles (no tents). In Missouri you are welcome to stop any time at any of our weigh stations/scalehouses. Texas makes a distinction between a “Rest Area,” a “Parking Area,” and a “Roadside Picnic Area.” On Interstate Highways in Texas, a rest area that has restrooms is called a “Rest Area,” just as we would expect. So my point is, if as an rv’er, I can park at a walmart or someplace without driving tired to do it, I will to save that spot for one of our many Truckers, whom without AMERICA STOPS! Truckers cant really stop at koa like you cheapskates! Is it safe to live in an RV full time? We were encouraged to use the Kansas Interstate rest stop(s) RV camping circle (clearly marked for self contained vehicles only) while traveling in high winds which were toppling tractor-trailers. Personally, I love a good rest area. There are two types of free RV parking: those that are meant for a quick overnight only, and those that allow actual camping. RV’ers sometimes have children and older folks with special needs and use rest areas for safety. We have never had a problem stopping and have never had to take a truckers space with our own RV! We pulled into a rest area on the way back which had a sign as we entered that said all rv’s keep left which was where the trucks parked. Alabama rest areas have a 3 hour limit sign. It was divided into three sections. You can find some rest area information here but it’s not as detailed as the OvernightRVParking app. Be courteous and let the working truckers do their job….you should be in no hurry. All in all, an excellent experience. If someone get run out the rest area because he does not like RV’s and they are involved in a wreck that could be a good case for a law suit against the state and the officer.. most states don’t want that type of publicity i can assure you. https://www.azdot.gov/business/highway-maintenance/rest-areas/rules, This site indicates overnight parking is permitted unless posted as prohibited. I have a large diesel pusher and tow a Jeep. Be careful to park far away from the buildings and away from the truck parking driving areas. In this section we’ll discuss the former. And Texas makes seven. The Overnight RV Parking app has great information regarding which rest areas allow overnight parking, which ones don’t and how long you can stay. You missed at least one state. Thanks so much in advance! Overnight RV Parking.com is a Subscription Service Our low annual fee of $29.99 will save you time and money by listing all the free parking sites nearby. Security is provided from dark to dawn. Alabama allows overnight parking at rest stops. The Keys are a bucket list destination however avoid S. Florida entirely and just drive straight through. I had a CB radio in the motor home and my daughter enjoyed listening to the trucker. The RV ‘circles’ were such a pleasant surprise, ~ and here comes yet another surprise, the first and last rest stop had FREE wi-fi which reached the RV circle!