As was the case back at REPCONN HQ, search his body, and you'll find another Brotherhood of Steel Mission Holotape. Good luck! Announced earlier today, the … Plasma rifles or plasma casters are energy based weapons that appear in Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, Fallout Tactics and Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel. Plasma rifles or plasma casters are high-tech weapons which find numerous applications in military and industrial fields. < > Showing 1-4 of 4 comments : D. Jun 23, 2019 @ 1:57pm have you been contacted by April? Once entering the safehouse bunker, and walking through it, the Paladins will then be spawned into the Wasteland to fulfill their duty. The ranks of the Paladins are reinforced through promoting veteran Knights of exceptional combat aptitude. Finding the Brotherhood of Steel On the wiki, it says.. Approved, unaccompanied access to the bunker cannot be gained unless at least one of the holotapes is recovered from either the two dead Brotherhood of Steel Paladins at the REPCONN headquarters, the Paladins in Moe's crater near Black Mountain, or the two dead Brotherhood soldiers in a ditch on the artillery-battered area outside Nellis Air Force Base. Retrieved from " " Themes are on there way to REPCONN Safehouse so it will soon be your personal choice on what you like the look of. They fire superheated bolts of plasma powered by either microfusion cells or heavy energy cells. (Hard) is that the only way I can finish the quest is with 75 lockpick? Externally, the McCallum Rifle resembles a 9mm Submachine Gun on steroids, complet… The holotape is needed for the quest Still in the Dark. (The approval doesn't increase until Arcade comments on the company.) They are in a hidden bunker in a location known as Hidden Valley. The McCallum Rifle is an exceptionally powerful weapon, making short work of almost any opponent in the Mojave and beyond. falloutnv how do i get the brotherhood of steel to fight with me at hoover dam if hardin is the elder now? 1 Location 2 Mission Statement XV-56 3 Mission Statement KH-792 4 Mission Statement CB-03 5 Related quests CB-03; This holodisk can be found on a dead Brotherhood of Steel Paladin in an … | Page 3 Both corpses will have Laser Rifles and Brotherhood T-51b Power Armor, and one will also have a Brotherhood of Steel Mission Holotape. Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel is an action role-playing game developed and published by Interplay Entertainment, and distributed in Europe by Avalon Interactive for the Xbox and PlayStation 2. The brotherhood of Steel takes any technology they deem too advanced for other humans, and keep it for themselves. The bolts form into toroids in the plasma chamber, which are then sent down a superconducting barrel, propelled by, and in some models stabilized by electromagnetic claws upon exiting it. Repcon was the first mechanical contractor to receive OSHA’s VPP STAR Mobile Contractor designation in 2005 and was just re-approved for the fourth time. 1. Each is a highly trained combat veteran with high tech equipment at their disposal. However, the plasma bolt chamber can be hotwired in order to accelerate the bolt formation process, effectively turb… If you are having trouble finding it, check the link below. Lander (died 2281) was a paladin of the Brotherhood of Steel, who, together with paladin Matiz, in 2281 was tasked by McNamara with investigating REPCONN Headquarters but both of them died there. It fires faster than other .45-70 caliber weapons, and holds 12 rounds, twice the amount of the contemporary Brush Gun.