License This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL) azurerm_azuread_service_principal; azurerm_azuread_service_principal_password; This area actually falls outside of ARM. Please enable Javascript to use this application Note: This guide assumes you have an appropriate licensing agreement for Azure Active Directory that supports non-gallery application single sign-on. Also, the azuread_service_principal_password block allows you to export the Key ID … Manages a Password associated with a Service Principal within Azure Active Directory. In the terraform document, the azuread_service_principal block only defines the Argument application_id and Attributes id, display_name, So you only could see these resources. In a previous article I talked about how you need to set the following variables in your pipeline so that Terraform can access Azure:ARM_CLIENT_ID = This is the application id from the service principal in Azure AD; ARM_CLIENT_SECRET = This is the secret for the service principal in Azure AD You can give this registered app additional permissions for various APIs. When you created the Terraform service principal, you also created an App Registration. terraform apply -auto-approve --target=azurerm_azuread_service_principal.diskencryptionapp terraform apply -auto-approve --target=azuread_application_password.azureadspnpassword Terraform commands are called using the Terraform CLI utility that can be downloaded locally. Explore the ServicePrincipalPassword resource of the Azure AD package, including examples, input properties, output properties, lookup functions, and supporting types. Registry . Actual Behavior Terraform creates the application, but fails in creating the service principal. Notice that I am able to reference the “” to access the newly created service principal without issue. » azurerm_azuread_service_principal_password NOTE: The Azure Active Directory resources have been split out into a new AzureAD Provider - as such the AzureAD resources within the AzureRM Provider are deprecated and will be removed in the next major version (2.0). terraform import command is lacking the generation of the actual resource configuration. Basic Terraform CLI Commands. Follow these steps to configure Azure Active Directory (AAD) as the identity provider (IdP) for Terraform Enterprise. Terraform is distributed as a single binary, you simply unzip the downloaded executable (for Windows, macOS, or Linux) and run it from your local file system.This Terraform executable (terraform.exe on Windows) is the CLI (command-line interface) tool that you … Terraform should have created an application, a service principal and set the given random password to the service principal.