Login to view the price. Maple Iced Ring Donut. Thaw and Serve Plain Cake Donuts. Where to Find Us. Donuts. This product niche allows our partners to serve and sell high quality products that complement their menus, enhance their business and please the taste buds of customers. just thaw and finish. Customers can reach … Maple Iced Long John Donut Our Thaw & Sell doughnuts are already coated and filled, just thaw and display them. 2. Count per case:72. Login to view the price. Microwave one doughnut at a time. Showing 9 of 9. 3. Maple Donuts offers a large variety of donuts available for fresh delivery through our DSD partners. We are also known for customer service, because we believe that the way to […] Stover & Co is a 4th Generation Bakery and Confectionery Supply Distributor with over 4,000 products in stock including baking ingredients, chocolate, frozen and packaging Sprinkle Hawaiian Ring Donut. Gonnella is proud to offer a complete line of Thaw ‘N Sell breads and rolls. £9.15 £0.29/ea. Pack Count Shelf Life Case Count Powdered Sugar Mini Donuts 2.4 OZ 6 21 Days Ambient TBD Glazed Mini Donuts 2.4 OZ 6 14 Days Ambient TBD Cinnamon Mini Donuts 2.4 OZ 6 21 Days Ambient TBD Chocolate Rice Krispy Treat, IW 3 OZ 1 18 Days Ambient TBD Rice Krispy Treat, IW 3 OZ 1 18 Days Ambient TBD We don't stock this anymore. Bake’n Joy’s fully baked, thaw and serve product offering is ever-expanding to provide you with high quality bakery solutions that meet your business and labor needs. Place the wrapped doughnut on a plate at room temperature. largeglazed. Valente offers bakeries and shops a several ways to offer donuts to their customers. Freeze, thaw and serve – no cooking or frying required.Please note delivery is approx. Thaw & Serve Donuts Paczkis. Address:170 GTA Dr, Dickinson, ND 58601 Mmmmmm. These are perfect for shops that need just a case of a particular flavor or those who want to offer a wide selection of flavors to serve their breakfast customers. F 60223. Proudly Made By. In 1989, Don bought Golden Donut and gradually added limited wholesale donuts to the successful retail operation. Thaw and Serve Donuts. 6. Place candy in the center of the pressed dough. Large Glazed Donuts (52g) 48/cs. Time to thaw the donuts! Today, Golden Donut can produce up to 1,800 dozen yeast-raised donuts per hour, 600 dozen cake donuts per hour, and has on-site freezer capacity for up to 3,000 cases. You can double recipe if you would like. One thing I want to point out is you can freeze any donuts you don’t plan to eat right away. Simply unbox them, allow them to thaw and they’ll be ready to sell. Unit Size: 2.5 oz. Filter. Ready-to-Serve Donuts. Simple. Combine dough. Our 6-count tray packs allow for convenient stacking and easier inventory management, and the product goes directly on the shelf, eliminating labor costs. Donuts Pre-Fried . This product has been discontinued from the Brakes range.Check out alternatives. Beautiful colors! Donuts are growing in popularity again. Pre-Fried Paczkis our prefried paczkis are made with our time-tested, original recipe straight from the old country avaliable either filled (bavarian creme, raspberry, blueberry, or lemon) or unfilled. Next from Sara Lee we have three new Mini Cheesecakes – plain New York Style, Salted Caramel Truffle and … Our ready-to-serve donuts are the perfect fit for today’s busy bakeries and outlets. Valente Supplies Donut Mixes, Fillings and Frozen Ready-to-finish and Decorated Thaw-and-serve Donuts First an Unfilled Donut Shell, next a Raised Ring Donut that is ready to just thaw and serve and last a Long John Unfilled Donut also ready to thaw and serve. The donuts are a thaw and serve offer. Baker Boy is launching a new line of thaw-and-serve donuts this fall under its longtime donut brand, The Donut Hole. Cinnamon Buns and Twists available in Thaw and Sell, Thaw and Finish, and Thaw and Serve. Dunkin’ Donuts does not make their signature treats fresh, a rogue worker is claiming in a now-viral video. Unbaked Pie Shells. Count per case:48. largeplaindonut. Just thaw, fry and serve with cinnamon sugar. Once thawed the donuts can be presented for sale at room temperature. Quantity: 36 pcs - 0.43p each! Thaw and Serve Plain Cake Donuts 35650 Frozen Cake Donuts; Our delectable retail ready donuts save time and add convenience; Just thaw and sell or serve; Packed 4 trays of 6 count for easy use Product Details + – UPC: 10710205356501. Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) CT Bakery is committed to serving our customers and partnering with our suppliers and interacting with staff members in a way that respects the dignity and independence of people with disabilities. From bulk mixes in 50 lb bags to ready-to-finish frozen or thaw-and-serve decorated donuts Valente makes it easy for you to catch up with the donut trend. 5. Sort by. Clyde’s delicious Ready to Serve products are ideal for in-store bakeries, convenience stores, and food service opportunities. New to our lines. Country Choice Large Cheese Baps (8x4) Full case quantity: 1. Sort by. From all-time classics to modern twists on your favorite donuts. Allow at least an hour for the doughnut to thaw. Quantity: 36 pcs - 0.43p each! They are ready to sell after simply thawing for 60 minutes. Cupcakes. 6 Rhodes White Dinner Rolls, dough thawed but still cold. 4. Wrap the outer edges of dough around the candy and press firmly to enclose. The employee, who identifies herself as Morgan, posted foo… Ideally, to offer the donuts you would have frozen storage, however this is not necessary as they can be thawed from receipt of delivery. Rocky Road Donut. In fact, we specialize in making delicious, high quality, fully finished, thaw and sell donuts in a variety of sizes, shapes and flavours. All Frozen Bread Doughs; Biscuit Dough; Frozen Bread Dough ; Frozen Roll & Bun Dough; Individual Desserts; IQF Frozen Fruit; Muffins . Thaw-and-serve donuts: Easy. The Range. Our delicious fully baked thaw & serve bagged items. Microwave the doughnut if you'd like it to be warm. Freeze, thaw and serve – no cooking or frying required.Please note delivery is approx. Pack size: 32 x 256g. Sorry! thaw and serve Product Description Pack Wt. 1. RETAIL READY | BAGGED. Peanut Butter Cup Donut. 7-10 days All of our donuts are ready to serve, made using expertly developed American donut mixes and bases so we can guarantee great results every time. Baker Boy can help you capture 24/7 donut sales with The Donut Hole® line of thaw-and-serve fully finished donuts, which features more than a dozen flavors of iced and glazed donuts … The donuts will dry out fast, so it is best to make and serve day one. Our deliciously indulgent premium donuts … SEASONAL PRODUCTS. Once donuts are cooled, place in a freezer friendly container. Add. We currently offer Thaw & Serve Whoopie Pie Shells and 4 oz. All Donuts Pre-Fried; Frozen Cake Donuts; Frozen Raised Donuts; Other Donuts; Eclair & Cream Puff; Frozen Bread Doughs . Thaw & Serve. Canola Oil, for frying. Available in 8inch, 9inch, and 10inch sizes. Delicious!